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What is the Destination 225  program?

The Destination 225  program offers pathways to individuals who would like to pursue a career in aviation with Southwest Airlines. Currently, there are


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four pathways in the Destination 225  program: Military, Cadet, University and Employee. SkyWarrior currently partners with Southwest Airlines for MILITARY and CADET pathways. For information on the university and employee pathways please visit the Destination 225 page for Southwest Airlines here. 

Destination 225 Military Pathway

SkyWarrior and Southwest recognize that military members possess a wide range of skills and backgrounds.
Every participant in the Destination 225° Military Pathway must accrue the necessary flight hours and expertise through SkyWarrior before finalizing certification through SkyWarrior. 

Upon successful completion of the pathway's training and experience requirements, you qualify to skip the standard Pilot hiring interview process. Collaborating directly with Southwest Airlines during hiring and onboarding enables you to achieve your goal of becoming a First Officer.

Potential candidates for the military pathway may include:

  • Transitioning or retired military pilots possessing flight experience but not meeting the criteria to become a Southwest First Officer.

  • Experienced military pilots with some fixed-wing turbine flight time, facing challenges meeting Southwest's currency requirements and/or lacking an unrestricted multi-engine ATP certificate.

  • Individuals interested in leveraging the SkillBridge program to transition into civilian aviation.

  • Those keen on using their GI Bill benefits to fulfill the prerequisites for becoming a Southwest Airlines First Officer.

  • Military personnel who have separated from service within the past seven years or intend to do so within the next two years.

SkyWarrior offers multiple sub-groups for pilot training programs. Select the program below that best represents your military experience:

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Military Airline

Military Fixed Wing 

This category applies to current or former service members who served as fixed wing aviators, which includes fleet helicopter pilots who may have transitioned to fixed wing. 

(T-6, C-12, etc.).

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Navy/Marine/Coast Guard/Air Force


This category applies to current or former Navy, Marine &

Air Force helicopter pilots who only received fixed wing time during primary flight school.

Rotor Transition Program_edited.jpg

Army Rotorcraft

This category applies to current or former service members who served as ARMY helicopter pilots only and did not transition to the C-12 or other fixed wing platforms during their time in service.

Destination 225 Cadet Pathway

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Candidates for the cadet pathway might:

  • Be professionals looking to transition into a new career in aviation

  • Recent graduates eager to embark on a fulfilling journey

  • Military personnel transitioning from non-pilot roles

  • Individuals already holding a private pilot license

  • Aviation enthusiasts determined to turn their dream of flying into reality

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