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Military Competency Conversion 

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Receive your FAA license based on your military flight experience... You've earned it!

Military Competency Overview

  • Cost - $150.00 per FAA written test, plus cost of Examiner

  • Military Competency Test

    • MCA - Military Competency Airplane​

    • MCH - Military Competency Helicopter

    • MCI - Military Competency Instructor

  • Basic Requirements

    • Must have finished a Military Flight Training Program

    Pilots who have successfully finished military flight courses (primary flight training, instructor tours) are eligible to receive  FAA certificates for the type of aircraft flown and whether or not they served as military instructors as applicable.  

    The basic steps for getting your FAA conversion are as follows:


1)  Contact Sheppard Air for the study material.

2)  Contact PSI at 800-947-4228, to set up a date and time to take your MCA, MCI or MCH test, SkyWarrior generally offers these test Monday - Friday 9am-3pm.

3)  Once you have successfully completed your Mil-Comp exam SkyWarrior will help you find a DPE for the license conversion.


Once your testing is complete you will be issued a Commercial license with our without an instructor rating depending on what you are eligible for based on your military experience.


*** If you flew an aircraft that is center line thrust restricted you would be issued an AIRPLANE rating only, but not Single or Multi-Engine Land, which does not allow you to fly an aircraft***



Military Competency Resources

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