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Pilot Financing Options

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Financing Overview

SkyWarrior is proud to work with multipule financial lending services to help cover the cost of your flight training.  Each of our lending partners appreciate the airline pilot forecast and have made lending to pursue a career in aviation more attainable than ever.  Below you will see additioanl information about all SkyWarrior finacial lenders, as well as coorosponding links to begin your initial application.  If you are unsure of how much you may need to finance, take a look at our cost calculator and individual course pricing by clicking here.  

Students who are interested in the full career pilot program for future airline pilots, should also consider the cost of housing and living during their time in flight school.

Meritize at a glance

  • Loan amount up to $90,000.00 

  • Minium loan amount of $1,000.00

Climb Credit at a glance

  • Loan amount up to $85,000.00 

  • Minium loan amount of $50,000.00

For additional information, FAQ's or to start your financing application today, click and compare below!

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