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VA Approved Flight School

SkyWarrior is proud to be a member of the SkillBridge program

What is SkillBridge?

SkillBridge is a DOD program that offers service members a chance to intern for up to six months* with approved provider companies.  

*Depending on your branch of service and rank, your SkillBridge may have a maximum approval of less than six months

SkyWarrior SkillBridge Opportunities 

SkyWarrior currently has three SkillBridge opportunities available:

  • Flight Training - This allows participants to flight train in any phase of training from Private Pilot to Certificated Flight Instructor or adding on an Airline Transport Rating for a career as an airline pilot. 

  • Flight Instructor - Pilots can intern at SkyWarrior as flight instructors to either build necessary flight time to become an airline pilot or familiarize themselves with the civilian flight training environment. 

  • Aviation Maintenance - This allows participants to intern with SkyWarrior as either an A&P Mechanic or Maintenance Assistant working toward an A&P certificate.

How it works - Step by step

Step One 
SkillBridge eligibility & your Command

If you have decided that SkyWarrior is where you would like to be for SkillBridge... Great! We are excited to have you here with us.  On the SkyWarrior side, the process for approval is fairly straightforward, so let's go through it step-by-step.


To be eligible for SkillBridge you need THREE basic items:

  1. A date of separation from the military - You will need this date to determine when you can start the program.  Here ais an example:​​

    • If you were approved for a 6 month SkillBridge program and your date of separation was October 1st, you would back up 6 months from that date, so your SkillBridge start date would be April 1st of that same year.​

  2. SkillBridge acceptance letter - This is provided to you below by SkyWarrior below.

  3. SkillBridge training plan - This is provided for you by SkyWarrior below.

Working with your command

 We recommend you having the SkillBridge conversation with your command AND/OR commanding officer as early as possible, up to even a year prior to being eligible to start.  This is very important because currently your command cannot backfill your position, so once you depart for SkillBridge they will be one person short of their current manning power.

***CLICK HERE for a great write up regarding the SkillBridge process written by a former Army Aviator***

There are two basic documents that you will be required to submit as part of your SkillBridge Packet, they are:

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Training Plan

Memorandum of Understanding - This is a basic letter between the applicant (you) and the company (SkyWarrior).  Simply download the document below and follow the instructions in the document.

Training Plan - This document spells out what you will be doing as a "SkillBridge Intern" at SkyWarrior.  These weekly task are broken out so that your command can easily understand your program.  SkyWarrior has three intern opportunities, download the program information you are most interested in and follow the instructions.

Once you have completed the MOU and Training Plan above you will send back to us for final review and signature.  Submit both documents with any other required material for SkillBridge (additional material varies from service to service) and submit to either your Commanding Officer or Educational Office for approval. 

If you are approved for SkillBridge you will contact us for further instructions so that we can prepare for your arrival and a positive SkillBridge experience! 


***NOTE***  Since active duty service members separation dates are specific, you are able to start SkillBridge as soon as you are eligible.  You do not need to wait for any kind of class start date.

Step Two
SkillBridge Documents

Step Three
Signed Documents and Approval

VA & Loan Information

If you are interested in a SkyWarrior Program that has an associated cost (flight training) you may offset the initial cost of training through the use of VA Benefits OR working with one of our third party loan participants. It is important to note that if you are interested in our flight training program you will be required to pay for any training or materials the VA will not cover (VA Benefits will not cover the cost of the Private Pilot Certificate). 



Additional Information 

Contact Us For Additional Information on SkyWarrior's SkillBridge Program

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