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ATP/CTP Course

Most Military Friendly Course Available!!!!

  • Flexible Dates to eliminate the need to take military leave

  • Take advantage of Permissive TAD

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ATP/CTP Part 141

Using VA for ATP/CTP

Veterans Benefits Information

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      Please refer back to our Veterans Information page for additional information, however below are the minimum requirements BEFORE you begin the ATP/CTP course, if you plan on using your benefits:


  • CLASS ONE FAA MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (your military flight physical upchit will not count)

  • Certificate of eligibility from the VA (this can take up to one month to receive in the mail)

*When you set up your veterans beneftis l make sure you ELECT to have the benefits start before you begin the course.

**If you are using your Post 9/11 and are 100% eligible you should have no out of pocket cost.  If you are using your Montgomery OR you are not 100% eligible under post 9/11 you will have out of pocket expenses.

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