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Aircraft Rentals & Time Building


Don't have a plane... Take one of ours

Aircraft Rental Overview

  • Hourly aircraft rental cost (fuel included)

    • Cessna 172 - $180.00​ (local flights OR cross country rental if flight training schedule permits)

    • Cessna 152 - $130.00​ (local flights OR cross country rental if flight training schedule permits)

    • Piper Seminole - $350.00 (local flights OR cross country rental if flight training schedule permits)

  • Basic rental requirements

    • Current FAA private pilot certificate or higher​

    • Current FAA class three medical or higher

    • SkyWarrior aircraft rental checkout & sign-off (may be done as a flight review)

    • Renter must meet SkyWarrior minimum flight hours as pilot

  • Important rental notes

    • Personal rental insurance IS REQUIRED 

    • There is a 3 hour overnight minimum charge each night an aircraft is rented

    • Renters will be canceled if aircraft is needed to complete a check ride or training flight 

     SkyWarrior makes its diverse fleet available for current pilots who wish to rent aircraft.  If you would like to rent our airplanes please call our main office to schedule an aircraft rental checkout with one of our instructors.  All SkyWarrior aircraft are available for local rentals (take off and land at Pensacola International Airport), Pilots who wish to rent for cross country travel must be checked out in the appropriate aircraft, due to our rigorous training schedule, only some of our aircraft are available for day or overnight cross countries.

Time Building Overview

For the most part Time Building in our aircraft follows the same requiments as listed above.  Typically time building in the aircraft involves a crew of two both of whom are logging Pilot In Command Time, usually as part of our Rotor Transition Program or Student Time Building for the Commerical Certificate flight time requirements.  With serious time builders and students we will consider a much broader distance than that of the local practice areas.

International pilots who wish to time build in the United States may do so with SkyWarrior if they have a current FAA certificate OR FAA certificate based upon a current forigen flight certificate.

Rental Agreements & Other Materials

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