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Private Pilot Certificate


Travel the world on your own schedule..... Welcome to the Private Pilot 

Private Pilot Overview

  • Basic Requirements

    • Must be 17 years old​

    • Must be able to pass a FAA class 3 physical

    • Must be able to read write and speak English

The Private Pilot Explained... 

      A private pilot license allows you the privilege of flying almost anywhere in the world you would like to go, whether it be a scenic flight over the beach or a business meeting in New York, the private pilot license will give you the freedom to take to the skies. 

      Learning to fly is something anyone can do and SkyWarrior takes great pride in creating a safe, fun and exciting learning environment for all of its customers.  During your training you will learn topics such as forces of flight, navigation and flight planning.  While individuals learn at different rates, SkyWarrior aims to keep you on track to earn your pilots license in the minimum time allotted by the FAA.  


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