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Keep it simple!! A flight training blog written by a (retired) football coach.

Not long ago, one of our interns knocked on my door and said "Mr. Greg, I want to learn to fly so I bought this book my dad's friend told me about, what else should I be doing?" When he held up the 2020 FAR/AIM it was all I could do not to vomit, laugh and roll my eyes at the same time (although what a feat that would be).

So, where do I get the nerve to write a blog about flight training? Here is my story. I started flying with my father when I was six, attempted to solo at age 7 but Guinness took that particular record out of the book (too risky in their eyes) and since 2011 have been involved in flight training, FBO Operations, maintenance facilities and 145 avionics shops.

(Columbia Football 2010)

My point being, I grew up around and have since jumped back into aviation, but never really got INTO aviation as a career (professional aviator or mechanic), and it is for that reason that I believe I have a slightly different take on flight training, and more specifically, explaining flight training to novice, intermediate and military aviators. Although I promise you I have definingly NOT "seen it all" I have been able to collect quite a bit of information in the near decade I have been in this business and want to share my information and experiences (both good and bad) with anyone who (hopefully) is reading this. I really wanted to write this blog for two reasons:

1) I always felt that when I heard "experts" speak about or attempt to sell flight training it usually sounded unnecessarily difficult.

2) I am amazed on how much misinformation or (perhaps more accurately) bad information seems to be circulated for aspiring, civilian and military pilots.

(Speaking at the 2019 FedEx Pilot Expo)

Which brings me back to my intern.... The first, or I guess now technically second blog in this series going to write will be geared towards those who dream about getting into flying but may not truly understand the first step, so I hope to see you there!

Lastly, in an attempt to make this blog as interactive as I can, I would ask that you email me your questions or blog topics if you have any to , and if I have an opinion or any experience with the subject I will gladly share it.

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