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Currency Refresher

Military Airline

Course Overview

SkyWarrior and Southwest recognize that military pilots may spend less time in the cockpit as they advance in their careers.  The currency refresher course is designed to bridge the gap between invaluable prior military flight experience and 121 airline operations.  The pilot refresher program is a combination of multi-engine flight time, classroom activates and airline simulation.  This program is both accelerated and immersive with an emphasis on 121 flight operations and ATP flight tolerances.  

Course Outline

SkyWarrior Flight Training (Pensacola, FL)

Course outline Overview:

  • Aviation Ground & Aircraft Familiarity

  • 15 Hours Multi-Engine Flight Time (121/ATP Emphasis)

  • 121 Aviation Prep Course/737 Simulator Fam

Bell Murray Aviation (Dallas, TX)

The Bell Murray Jet Transition Couse will consist of the following:

  • 121 Airline Operations Ground School

  • Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Training

A full course curriculum will be given to pilots once they have successfully completed the Destination 225  interview and have a class start date with SkyWarrior.


Who is eligible?

Pilot's entering this course must meet the following criteria:

  • Served as a fixed wing pilot in the US Military

  • Hold the Airline Transport Pilot (Multi-Engine Land) Certificate

Are financing options available for this program?

Pathway participants who would like to offset the out of pocket cost of this program have multiple options available they may apply for including:

Pilots who meet the basic eligibility requirements to enter this program will need to apply directly to the Destination 225  program.  The application and additional program and pathway information can be found on the Southwest Airlines Destination 225  page.

I'm eligible and would like to apply, what's my next step?



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