Pilot Development Grant


Your first look into a career in aviation......

Grant Program Overview

The Pilot Workforce Development Grant was put in place to help generate an interest in aviation amongst high school students to help in part combat the world pilot shortage that is forecast at 700,000 pilots world wide over the next two decades.  As part of this PILOT PROGRAM you will be introduced into the first step of an aviation career as a pilot by completing a modified ground school course followed by initial flight training.

This program is set up over a 4 month period to ensure that students are able to maintain a balance between flight training and schoolwork and associated high school activities.  A brief overview of the program layout is:

Ground School

  • Month 1 - Ground School Phase One

  • Month 2 - Ground School Phase Two

Flight Training

  • Month 3 - Flight Training Phase One

  • Month 4 - Flight Training Phase Two

Continuing Education

Students who complete the program will continue to have access to flight support through SkyWarrior and it's partners.  Our hope is to help mentor those who see themselves entering a career in aviation.

Grant Program Overview

Students who wish to apply for this opportunity MUST complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the SkyWarrior Grant Application

  2. Complete the SkyWarrior Grant Essay

  3. Submit a Letter Of Recommendation from a High School Official (Teacher, Coach, Guidance Councilor etc..)

Students Selected for the program will be notified via email.  If you choose to accept the terms of the program you will be brought to the SkyWarrior campus for your indoctrination and supplies.